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Asian Fusion Funday

Asian Fusion Funday

March 25, 2018

10:30am - 1:30pm


Asian cuisine is often enjoyed out of the home unless you are lucky enough to be from an Asian family, but if you're not, this should no longer limit you. Join Mark Chang for this very cool Asian cooking class that will end in one very delicious lunch!

Chairs are available for those who want to sit during class, wine is available for those who can't cook without a glass in front of them, food will be eaten throughout, and water/iced tea will be on hand.


$85 (per person)


+Spicy Pork Belly Hand Rolls (Pork/Korean Chili Paste/Sushi Rice Brown/Soy Wrappers) +Dan Dan Noodles (Dried Egg Noodle/Pork or Ground Chicken/Dan Dan Sauce) +Thai Chicken Noodle Salad (Chicken/Egg Noodles/Red Pepper/Coriander Leaves/Soy Lime Sauce) +Firecracker Shrimp Rolls w/ Wasabi Remoulade (Japanese Breaded Shrimp/Sweet Sauce/Wasabi Remoulade)


Mark Chang