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Baking Class: Pate a Choux

Baking Class: Pate a Choux

February 25, 2018

11:00am - 2:00pm


The new craze straight from France is Pâte a Choux! So what is Pâte a Choux? Known to some of you as “choux pastry”, they are a family of dessert, big and small puffs, all made with the same dough base, which we call “Pâte a Choux”.


$85 (per person)


+Gougères: the savory version, with cheese added in the dough +Choux a la crème: the classic cream puff +Profiteroles: the choux is filled with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and covered with warm chocolate sauce +Chouquettes: cute and simple little puff simply covered with crunchy sugar bits, a childhood fav! +Eclairs: the long version of the choux, filled with pastry cream