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Basic Culinary Boot Camp WEEKNIGHT: CLASS 3

Basic Culinary Boot Camp WEEKNIGHT: CLASS 3

January 25, 2018

6:30pm - 9:30pm


Join Chef Mark for more than basic cooking bootcamp! He will teach skills around the basics: meat, fish, chicken and vegetables. You will learn fabrication, cooking techniques and recipes.

If you've always wanted a serious culinary education without the cost or time commitment of culinary school, this is the perfect course for you.

This is a 5 week series, ON THURSDAYS AT 6:30PM - 9:30PM.

Our professional chef will lead you through the ins and outs of professional cooking, and you'll be preparing gourmet caliber dishes in no time!

During each session you will get a hands-on experience executing techniques and recipes, all with personal feedback and assistance from the chef.

You will learn important, fundamental culinary skills: knife handling, how to create sauces, salads, stocks, roasting & grilling, and much more.

We will debunk common myths, share effective tips and tricks, and drive home key culinary points (taste, taste and taste again!).

You'll learn a whole host of new recipes, but more importantly, you'll learn the concepts behind what you're doing. Recipes don't know how heavy your pan is, how hot your stove top gets, or the fact that you're using shallots because your local grocery store was out of onions.

The more you understand about the why and how of cooking, the greater control you have over each dish you make.After completing this course you will fell just like the pro's, maybe even like the ones on TV!

You will prepare several dishes per class, then there will be time at the end of each session to eat your creations and engage in a round table discussion with the chefs and your fellow students about techniques, flavors and other culinary topics.


$80 (per person)


+Session 3 - (Moist Heat Cooking) Stewing and Braising: Chicken Stew with Tomato & Penne Hungary Goulash, Beef Bourgiugnon


Cookology Staff