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Certifikid: Baking & Pastry for Kids

Certifikid: Baking & Pastry for Kids

February 2, 2013

2:00pm - 4:00pm


PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Registration for this class is only open to those who purchased a Certifikid voucher. You MUST present a paper or digital copy of your Certifikid coupon when you drop your child off for class.

In this hands-on baking and pastry workshop kids will measure, mix, form, and bake two delicious types of hand pies from scratch. Then they'll try their hand at yummy cupcakes from scratch, complete with a lesson on rolling, cutting, dying, and shaping fondant decoration!

This class is recommended for ages 8-14.


$0 (per person)


+Curried Mango Hand Pie +Chocolate Hand Pie +Chocolate Cupcake +Vanilla Cupcake +Fondant Decorations


Bertrand Brown-Orleans