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Chicken 101 - Demonstration

Chicken 101 - Demonstration

January 20, 2018

2:00pm - 4:30pm


This is the class you have been waiting for--a demonstration class so that you don't have to touch the chicken. A lot of people want the knowledge but don't have experience handling a real chicken, so we will break the ice and show you how it's done. We will be demonstrating how to properly tie and then debone a chicken. From there you will learn three useful recipes.

This class will take you through the intricate steps and tools needed for making the most of the chicken. Using a whole chicken is very cost effective solution to having lots of protein during the course of the week and utilizing it through out different recipes. Chef will show you what he has learned over his years mastering the art of boning, portioning, and cooking all parts of the bird. You'll enjoy each dish that is made.


$65 (per person)


+Chicken Breast: Easy Crispiest Breaded Chicken +Chicken Leg: Stuffed with Spinach and Cheese +Chicken Thigh: Oven Baked Cacciatore


Cookology Staff