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Date Night: Mystery Basket Event

Date Night: Mystery Basket Event

September 29, 2012

7:00pm - 9:00pm


Couples that cook together, stay together!

Join our chefs as YOU create a meal that will be memorable and romantic!

For this special Date Night event you and your partner will work together to prepare a fantastic meal using a "mystery" basket of ingredients chosen by our chefs.

The class of 16 will be divided into two teams of eight. Each team will be responsible for creating an appetizer, entree, and dessert using the night's selected ingredients. Creativity and communication will be key to concocting your delicous dishes!

Each team will have help from one of our professional chefs, as well as access to our full pantry of herbs, spices, and condiments.

This is a great way for home chefs to use their skills in a professional kitchen, and it will make for an engaging, fast paced, and fun night out with your sweetie!

Glass of wine or other beverage included.

Price is per person.


$65 (per person)


+<header>INGREDIENT SNEAK PREVIEW</header> +Selected Cut of Beef +Seasonal Vegetable +Chocolate