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Date Night: Northern Italy - Liguria

Date Night: Northern Italy -  Liguria

September 15, 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm


Join us for another amazing class to Northern Italy!

From The Spruce blog (the
"Given the scarcity of arable land, it's natural that the Ligurian diet is primarily vegetarian and fish-based; Ligurians do enjoy pasta, but often add potatoes or string beans to the water, and tend to use simple sauces, of which pesto is the most famous. Ravioli are also a Ligurian creation; most of the traditional recipes are vegetarian, stuffed with wild greens (especially borragine, a herb gathered on mountain slopes) and ricotta, though they can also be meat-filled. And during the spring there are many savory pies stuffed with green vegetables, for example:

Ligurians enjoy fish in all manner of ways, from hearty fish stews such as buridda and ciupin to more elegant dishes. Meats, on the other hand, play a lesser role; cima alla genovese, stuffed breast of veal, is reserved for festive occasions, as is tocco di carne, stewed beef."


$75 (per person)


+Handmade Vegetable and Ricotta Ravioli +Pesto Sauce +Hearty Fish Stew +Ligurian Tea Cookies


Del DiPietro