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Date Night: Northern Italy - Venice

Date Night: Northern Italy -  Venice

August 11, 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm


Join us for another amazing class to Northern Italy!

From The Spruce blog (the
The Veneto region is dominated by Venice, whose position as a great merchant city has had a tremendous influence on the region's cuisine; trade with the Arabs led to the introduction of rice, which rapidly became a dominant element in the regional diet. The same commerce also brought baccalà (salted, dried codfish) from the north, and it, too, plays an extremely important role in the Venetian diet, as do beans and polenta.

The supporting elements for the major players in the regional diet vary within the Veneto; the lagoon is famed for the variety and quality of its seafood. Fish is also important inland -- freshwater fish, and also baccalà, which travels well.

Inland, in addition to fish, you'll find meats, including beef, pork. And if you continue further inland, up into the Alps, you'll find some spectacular game. Don't be surprised if it's offered as a goulash, because following Venice's decline the region became an Austro-Hungarian Province, and there are many Central European elements in inland cuisine.

Finally, wine and cheese: The inner highlands give us Asiago, one of Italy's finest sharp cheeses, and also Monte Veronese.

As for wines: Bardolino is perfect for quaffing, while the Valpolicella's wines are among the finest in the world. There's Soave, a vastly underrated white, and Prosecco's merry sparkle.

In short, the cooking is as varied as the region, and there's a great deal to discover."


$75 (per person)


+Polenta with Asiago Cheese +Baccala (Salted, Dried Codfish) +Pork Tenderloin Scallopini +Valipolicella Wine


Del DiPietro