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Date Night: Pan Seared Scallops

Date Night: Pan Seared Scallops

August 24, 2018

7:00pm - 9:00pm


Learning how buy the right scallops and prep them properly takes a cooking class. We will cover the difference between bay and sea scallops, farmed, injected and real scallops. Using only the best scallops from purveyor JJ McDonnell's we will flavor infuse in the pan via searing. Next on the menu is garlic spinach, lemon garlic sauce and fingerling potatoes. Don't forget dessert. We'll finish with chocolate lava cakes. A fan fave.

All classes are hands-on.

Wine and Beer served.


$69 (per person)


+PAN SEARED SCALLOPS +Garlic Spinach +Lemon Garlic Sauce +Fingerling Potatoes with garlic, feta and seasonal vegetables


Cookology Staff