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Post Cooking Camp Extension (All Ages) Aug. 20 - Aug. 24

Post Cooking Camp Extension (All Ages) Aug. 20 - Aug. 24

August 20, 2018

12:00pm - 4:00pm


This post cooking camp is for both age groups, ages 8-11 and 12-17. They will be working in separate groups in the kitchens based on their ages, during the same time period.

This fee of $200 is for the entire week. You must purchase a morning camp to be able to attend the post cooking camp. The post cooking camp is not sold separately.

(We will not charge extra for late pick-up past 4pm, but you might find your child helping us out in the kitchen. Please let us know if you will be late to pick up.) We do not allow children to roam the Mall or check out without a parent or guardian unless they are ages 15 and up, and have a parent's written note.

Daily Timeline with Post Cooking Camp:
9am-12pm - Cooking Camp Weekly Menu
12pm-1pm - Break & Eating
1pm-3pm - Cook/Hack/Discuss/Farm
4pm - Eat/Discuss and Clean

See the menus below!


$200 (per person)


+Day 1: Making Ice Cream & Yogurts. Beginning Cheeses and Ice Box Cookies - We will learn how to make fresh delicious ice cream, sorbet, Froyo and regular yogurt. We will start our cheeses and ice box cookies. +Day 2: Finishing Milk Cheeses and Ice Box Cookies - Both of these require some extra time, so we will finish what we started the day before. +Day 3: Fast Food Hacking - We'll take a trip to the food court, pick out a few favorites and teach the kids how to make the same dishes without all the additives. They'll also learn to make natural sodas and milk shakes and non-dairy shakes. +Day 4: Nutrition and Calories -In this class we will teach kids how to read the nutrition labels. Chef's will make something with full calories and then we show how to make the same dish with less calories. We will create and print real nutrition labels online, and they will pack up the dishes to take it home. +Day 5: Farming -Kids will explore what it means to have an organic farm, what organic means, and USDA, California Organic guidelines. They will plant their own seeds of their choice to start a garden in their yard or windowsill, which they will take home.


Cookology Staff