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Young Chefs: Remaking Classic Junk Food (Ages 12-17)

Young Chefs: Remaking Classic Junk Food (Ages 12-17)

February 19, 2018

11:00am - 1:00pm


Most every child loves Totino's Pizza Rolls, Taquitos & Hot Pockets, but unfortunately these delicious snacks are full of fat, calories and some of the worst ingredients you could ever put in a developing body.

In this hands-on cooking class, kids will learn how to make the home version that cuts down on salt, fat and calories for each dish. Students will control the ingredients by choosing their favorites.

Once kids are home and have taken the class, spend an afternoon making batches of each and freezing for afternoon snacks.

Class will be a 2.5 hour class, with 2 hours of cooking and 20-30 minutes to eat lunch. Beverages will be served.


$55 (per person)


+Pizza Rolls (Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie) +Taquitos (Chicken, Cheese, Veggie) +"Hot Pockets" (Ham & Cheese, Spinach & Cheese)


Mark Chang